Friday, December 2, 2011

Mini Simmons

Here is my take on the Mini Simmons. It is 5'7", 22 in. wide. I made it out of mahogany with quilted maple fins, tinted red epoxy finish with one 4oz layer on top, 1" rocker in the tail about 3'' on the nose. It weighs just under 12lbs. It's the most fun I've ever had in small waves.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

8 Foot Fun Shape--Board #5

I wanted to make a bigger board for the smaller waves and used an old fiberglass board that I liked as a model. My goal was to see how accurately I could copy a board I like and also to have a bigger wooden board for the small days. This board has only two fins made out of quilted maple. When I took the center fin out of another board I ride, I liked it so much I kept it that way. Since this board is a little bigger I worked on keeping the weight to a minimum--fir rails, door skins, lots of weight off the framework. 6 & 4oz cloth on the top and 4oz cloth on the bottom = 12 pounds 4 oz total weight. The original foam board I modeled it after weighs 12 lbs, so I couldn't be happier about the weight. For the finish, I like doing the burst color scheme, but wanted to do something different than the last board, so I gave it a green burst. I have taken it out a couple times; it has good drive and it's very maneuverable.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

#4 Walnut Egg

This is the board I am working on now. I'm about a day's worth of work into it. I'm not concerned about the weight as much, but I'm shooting for less than 13 pounds. I'm building it out of solid wood this time--walnut and mahogany--because i like the way it looks. More framework=more support, slightly different rail shape. Concave nose that flattens out into a slight V at the tail. Walnut is such a strong wood, I might skip the cloth this time.
Check it out so far.

A couple weeks ago I broke my fin off my last board. I should have been more careful and pulled out of the wave sooner but I rode it into the rocky shoreline. I fixed it this week and rode it today. Almost good as new. The waves were only okay today so it wasn't the best test. I might retire it as soon as this one is done, ride this one, and think about the next one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Newest Edition--Board #3

Here's the latest board--a 6'2 fish. It rides the best, yet. It has a little more rocker, greater width, and weighs 9 pounds. I only mention the weight because it's made of wood. I've taken it to some good point breaks and had some great rides. I'm looking forward to making some more boards possibly a long board or maybe a single fin egg next. I gave it a tobacco burst paint job. I got the idea from when I was a guitar builder. The fins are solid flame maple, foiled on the outside, flat on the inside with two layers of 4oz cloth on each side. I gave them what you call a tequila sunrise finish. Well, that's what we used to call it at the guitar shop, stain it red, sand it back, then go over it with yellow. It makes it look like fire. Since the board is hollow, it will build up air pressure in the hot sun or vacuum when you hit cold water so it has a plug at the nose, a small stainless allen head screw that lays flush with the deck. I always hear the change in pressure when I take the plug out after a session. It's a responsibility of having a hollow-wooden board.